The young people of R4Respect stand in support of the Queensland Government’s recent decision to bring the law into the 21st century by decriminalizing abortion for women and pregnant people. Under current QLD legislation, pregnant people do not have full control over their bodies during pregnancy. This lack of control and restriction of personal choice places victims of violence and abuse in a position of disadvantage and vulnerability.

The fact that women, trans and enby people have previously been denied control over their bodies and convicted for seeking a termination of pregnancy is unacceptable. We know that in some cases of abuse and violence, people do not or are unable to give consent to sex. Regardless of circumstances, denying a persons right to choose what happens to their body is essentially control. We also know that this level of control is not applied to men and their bodies.

The introduction of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill in Parliament this week is a much needed step to advancing the reproductive rights of pregnant people across our state.

We are vocal advocates for women’s, trans and non-binary peoples rights and unanimously believe that gender equality is only achievable when everyone’s rights and liberties are respected.

If everyone in our society is to be truly equal, it is only logical that a persons bodily autonomy be adequately protected by the law.

Rachael, R4Respect Youth Ambassador

(Agent Rach calling for abortion law reform ASAP)