Our programs

R4Respect and Men4Respect encourage the whole community to foster healthier relationships among young people. Our programs are widely supported by Logan businesses, organisations, community groups and government departments.

Find out more about what we do in our R4Respect and Men4Respect programs.

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R4Respect messages

Through R4Respect our Youth Workers visit schools, youth groups and community events as well as creating content online to spread our four key messages of respect:


We all have the right to be free of abuse and violence.


Respect means being fair and valuing others as equals.


Value diversity. Value culture. Celebrate difference.


Negotiate through disagreements. Don’t hit out.

Components of R4Respect

Our programs incorporate:

Young people engaged in the program are supported with a 12-month Youth Worker scholarship.

Youth workers contribute to the development of new innovative digital strategies and peer-to-peer activities that foster respectful relationships among young people.

R4Respect youth workers undertake activity-based learning derived from evidence-based programs, such as: Building Respectful Relationships – stepping out against gender-based violence and Love Bites.

Youth workers engage in the promotion of R4Respect’s key messages through media, advertising and public events – including cultural and community events in Logan and beyond.


  • Increased exposure to support young people to develop respectful relationships

  • Increased public awareness that domestic violence can be reduced through respectful relationships

  • Reduction in domestic violence as public messaging prompts help-seeking behaviour.

The program logic for the award-winning, youth driven R4Respect program is based on evidence that shows exposure to education and role models of respectful relationships can assist young people to improve their attitudes and behaviours. It can also foster positive help-seeking-behaviour. The cumulative impact of this is a reduction in abuse and violation amongst young people. 

ANROWS/R4Respect research into the effectiveness of the youth-led, peer-to-peer program. 

"It was evident from our own experience as well as the feedback we received from the school students, staff and others who attended the forum that participants felt engaged, energised and most importantly, motivated to act."

Donations and Sponsorship

YFS and the R4Respect youth workers acknowledge the following companies, organisations and individuals for their generous support:

  • Queensland Government, Department of Justice and Attorney-General
  • Logan City Council Charitable Trust
  • CommBank Staff Foundation

If you wish to sponsor a youth worker or donate to keep R4Respect running, we’d love to hear from you.