Our youth workers

R4Respect is supported by a team of Youth Workers from a range of diverse backgrounds. They use school activities, digital communication strategies and community outreach to promote the values and attitudes that help young people understand what is okay and what crosses the line into unhealthy or abusive behaviour.

"Love your work #R4Respect - great role models for young people as agents for change."

Nagma - R4Respect Program Coordinator

Hi my name is Nagma! I joined R4Respect to be able to make an active impact in our community. I am a strong believer that as young people we are able to instill the key concepts with peers our own age. I believe through positive reinforcement we are able to create new perspectives on respectful relationships.

My background and passion lie in self care and overall health and well-being. In my spare time I love to hang out with my friends, go to the gym and hope to one day compete in a powerlifting competition. In 2019 I graduated from QUT with a Bachelor in Behavioural Science with a minor in Counselling now going onto complete my Masters in Secondary Education.

As a young person it has always been my vision to help my local community which has thankfully landed me this opportunity with R4Respect! Through my position as a youth worker if I am able to make a positive impact on at least one young person’s life, I will be happy knowing that my work has made a difference.

Nadia - R4Respect Program Coordinator

I’m a Brisbane born Australian Muslim mixed with some Pakistani culture.

As a young person I have always shown leadership with my community amongst young people. I really wanted to be a part of this program as it’s giving back to my local community by speaking to other young people about topics which aren’t often spoken about. I come from a culturally diverse background and believe that by having me in this program sends out a strong message to other young people from differing backgrounds that we are all working as one to help educate and support each other.

I knew domestic violence is finally being addressed amongst young people however I would like to see more preventative measures for youth as many a time these cases are put aside. This program is different to most as it run by young people for young people, which makes it incredibly effective. After many school visits you have so many students who come to speak to us about personal experiences and also times when they want to thank us for the work we do as a team.

As a young Australian Muslim I wanted to show other young people from diverse backgrounds that you can take up leadership positions and help your local community, stand up and make the change you wish to see. Not only have I helped teach young people about Domestic Violence, respectful relationships and consent, I have learnt a lot from this program myself. When it comes to Domestic Violence, it doesn’t matter your job, socio-economic status or where you live, Domestic Violence can affect anyone from any age but it is now my job to take a stance and help prevent Domestic Violence from starting. The first step is through education which is what we provide through R4RESPECT.

Currently a 3rd year business student but I also want to undertake another degree. I hope to be extremely successful with whatever I do.

Kaitlyn - Youth Worker

I have lived in Logan my entire life. I am currently studying Business and Creative Industries at Queensland University of Technology.

Seeing first hand the affect domestic violence can have on a person, made me really passionate to make a difference and do anything I can to help these people. When I found out what amazing things the R4Respect team did in terms of educating young people about respectful behaviour, I was ecstatic at the thought of being a part of it. I feel honoured to be a part of such an important team, and to be able to share my passion in the form of helping the community and teaching young people. Our approach is to educate people from a peer-to-peer perspective what attributes define respectful and non-respectful relationships, enabling them to make the right choices in regards to relationships in the future. I believe that young people (including myself) are blind-sighted towards the issues surrounding domestic violence, gender inequality, and mental health, and will really appreciate learning about the right way to go about these issues.

Navin - Youth Worker

Hi my name is Navin, and I joined R4Respect after seeing domestic violence- have an impact on my local community. Wanting to create an impact, I work strongly alongside my team to challenge unchecked behaviours and help show young people that violence is preventable.

I also create work that directly targets the LGBTQI+ community, since I am a trans woman – I find it incredibly important to help my community specifically as well. Outside of work, I’m a LGBTQI+ activist, drag showgirl, and a lover of finding new shows to watch.

I’m currently completing my diploma of youth work and I hold a diploma of business as well. Furthermore, as a youth worker I aim to represent CALD and LGBTQI+ youth by being a good role model and leading by example!

Alesha - Youth Worker

Hey everyone. I recently graduated from high school last year and am currently studying secondary school education at Uni. Painting is one of my passions!

I joined R4Respect because I believe domestic violence is a huge issue which is affecting our young people and I think having conversations with people my age and talking about issues affecting us is the way to help fight domestic and family violence. As cheesy as it sounds change starts with us!

Natasha - Youth Worker

Hey everyone, I’m Tash! I’m currently studying law and psychology at university and I’m also a youth worker for The Red Cross.

I am so excited to join the R4Respect team, as I am passionate about empowering young people. I was drawn to this role because I know that relationships can be a daunting topic for young Australians to navigate. Through engaging students in workshops, I hope to foster a healthy dialogue around what is and isn’t acceptable in relationships, alongside creating a safe space for students to ask questions they may feel awkward asking their parents!

In my spare time I love rock-climbing and going to gigs!

Jesse - Youth Worker

Hi everyone. My name is Jesse. I  am currently working as a support worker and I also coach BMX racing. I love surfing and going to the gym. I also race BMX professionally.

I am really passionate about helping young people learn the right ways to treat their partners or friends. Working with kids, I have seen some of the ways they treat each other. Sometimes they don’t even know what they are doing is actually wrong. I am excited about being a part of the team at R4Respect so I can help educate young people on how to prevent domestic violence and also just how to treat people with respect. I want to spread awareness that violence is never the key to the solution and that there are others ways to overcome a problem. I am so grateful to be part of YFS and to be in the position to help better the community.

Bilal - Youth Worker

Muhammed. Bilal. Tasawar. Remember the name. The greatest youth ambassador that ever lived. Well, I hope so anyways!

Hi everyone, my name is Bilal. I’m 19 years old, fresh out of high school and currently completing my bachelor’s degree in Psychological Science at Griffith University. Now you might be thinking, ok Bilal cool but why did you join R4Respect in the first place? I strongly believe that everyone deserves loving and healthy relationships in every capacity, and everyone deserves a change at that. Fostering healthy relationship habits and talking about domestic violence can be a difficult thing to talk about and unfortunately isn’t taught to us in school, so I’ve made it a goal to be the friend and teacher I wish I had while growing up in school for somebody else! In my spare time, I love to play video games, write poetry, and hang out with my amazing friends. See you in the classroom!

Mack - Youth Worker

Hi everyone, my name is Mack, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work as I have a passion for community and young people. I joined the R4Respect team as I believe in the power of safe spaces, education and working alongside young people, to positively impact our culture.

Claudia - Youth Worker

Hey I’m Claudia!
I have grown up in the Brisbane bayside and surrounds and currently am studying a Bachelor of Human Services at QUT. As soon as I found out about R4Respect I was so eager to help on their mission. I have always been concerned about tackling social issues, especially exposing false stereotypes about what constitutes healthy and unhealthy relationships and challenging those prevailing myths. Every person deserves healthy love, regardless of who they love, where they are from, or whether it is romantic, a friendship, or familial.

On the weekends I love throwing myself into a new hobby or two. Currently, it is making little dishes for my trinkets with air dry clay. Otherwise, when I’m feeling social, I love going to see live music and being surrounded by good people eating good food.

Thabo - Youth Worker

Hello everyone! My name is Thabo. I’m 23 years old, yes, I know right I’m old…

I currently work as Residential Youth Worker/Support Work on the Gold Coast. I play drums and I enjoy music producing and programming. I love helping young people and simply spending time with them. It excites me to see them grow to be successful in their endeavours. I’m so excited to be joining YFS because I believe domestic violence is such a major issue that is affecting our young people. I think creating a connection and talking to them about this can create a positive impact and to see their relationships be healthy and strong! I am so excited to be a part of the team! 

Zac - Youth Worker

Kevin - Youth Worker

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Our youth workers uphold the values and behaviours of respectful relationships and deliver educational activities face-to-face and online nationally through social media.

$1000 can fund one upstanding young adult in the community to take on this role for one year.

This amount covers a youth worker’s training and the materials they use to deliver sessions.

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