Written by one of our amazing team members!

“For some, International Women’s Day may be a day of megaphones, sweat and handmade signs. For others, it might be a night of discussion, a glass of wine and a rerun of their favourite film featuring a strong female lead. Yet, regardless of how we mark it, our goal remains the same: to achieve a gender equal world and continue to empower women.

For many years of my life, I lacked the education necessary to understand that sexism is a social construct rather than scientific fact. The reason was that I grew up in a home and culture where gender roles were extremely distinct. I pitifully lived with the idea in my head that I’d one day be forced to marry a man and follow in his dreams as I give up on my own, all while singlehandedly managing a full household. However, it was my eldest sister who reassured me that I am allowed to take control of my life, my body and my decisions. She empowered me and taught me the incredible things women are capable of and how no woman is less than any man. Since then, I’ve learnt how to be confident in my gender, to not be embarrassed of possessing traditionally masculine traits and to not let sexism govern my life.

International Women’s Day is my sister encouraging me to live without fear, to strive for what I believe in and to value myself as any other. It is a Day as a reminder and a voice that so many young women need but unfortunately have to live without. It is a day to appreciate the past, intrigue at the present and hope for the future.”

This International Working Women’s Day, we’re remembering the fighters, the healers, the survivors and all of those who have been a victim of gendered violence and oppression. We remember them and their work and we recognise how far we still have to go!